Open Range (Touchstone Movie)

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Open Range (Touchstone Movie)

Open Range Details:

Packed with epic action, OPEN RANGE is a powerfully gripping story that’s never been told until now, and stars Academy Award(R) winners Robert Duvall, Kevin Costner and Annette Bening. A group of free grazers, four men trying to escape their past, are driving cattle and living off the land on the open range — a place where nature makes the only laws. When a ruthless, evil rancher tries to run them out of town, the men’s peaceful existence takes a tumultuous turn and ends in the grittiest, most explosive gunfight on film as two men battle a town for honor, justice, and a way of life that’s quickly disappearing.

Key Cast:

  • Robert Duvall: Boss Spearman
  • Kevin Costner: Charley Waite
  • Annette Bening: Sue Barlow
  • Michael Gambon: Denton Baxter
  • Michael Jeter: Percy
  • Diego Luna: Button
  • James Russo: Marshal Poole
  • Abraham Benrubi: Mose Harrison
  • Dean McDermott: Doc Barlow
  • Kim Coates: Butler
  • Herbert Kohler Jr.: Cafe Man
  • Peter MacNeill: Mack
  • Cliff Saunders: Ralph
  • Patricia Stutz: Ralph’s Wife
  • Julian Richings: Wylie
  • Ian Tracey: Tom
  • Rod Wilson: Gus

Key Crew:

  • Director: Kevin Costner
  • Producers: Kevin Costner, Jake Eberts and David Valdes
  • Screenplay: Craig Storper
$68.3 million

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