Outrageous Fortune (Touchstone Movie)

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Outrageous Fortune (Touchstone Movie)

Outrageous Fortune Description:

Lauren (Shelley Long) is refinement, regimentation, and ballet slippers. Sandy (Bette Midler) is brassy, bossy, and stiletto heels. They meet and it’s hate at first sight. But these two opposites are shocked to discover a common bond: They share the same boyfriend — a handsome schoolteacher (Peter Coyote) who mysteriously and conveniently disappears. Mr. Right wronged them … and when they decide to track the scoundrel down, they’re thrown together in a cross-country pursuit for better or worse … mosty for worse! Brilliantly cast and deviously written, this racy, riotous comedy provides sidesplitting laughs of outrageous proportions! (source)


  • Shelley Long: Lauren Ames
  • Bette Midler: Sandy Brozinsky
  • Peter Coyote: Michael Santers
  • Robert Prosky: Stanislav Korzenowski
  • George Carlin: Frank Madras
  • John Schuck: Agent Atkins
  • Anthony Heald: Weldon
  • Christopher McDonald: George


  • Director: Arthur Hiller
  • Producer: Ted Field and Robert Cort
  • Writer: Leslie Dixon
$52.8 million
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