Paradise (Touchstone Movie)

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Paradise (Touchstone Movie)

Paradise Details:

In their first feature film together, Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson combine their impressive talents in the critically acclaimed must-see hit PARADISE! This extraordinary film is the touching story of the lost love between a young married couple and how a visiting youngster (Elijah Wood) rekindles that love one memorable summer. Funny, poignant, and uplifting, PARADISE is full of natural beauty and heartfelt emotion, you’ll remember it for a long, long time!

Key Cast:

  • Melanie Griffith: Lily Reed
  • Don Johnson: Ben Reed
  • Elijah Wood: Willard Young
  • Thora Birch: Billie Pike
  • Sheila McCarthy: Sally Pike
  • Eve Gordon: Rosemary Young
  • Louise Latham: Catherine Reston Lee
  • Greg Travis: Earl McCoy
  • Sarah Trigger: Darlene
  • Richard K. Olsen: Minister
  • Rick Andosca: Ernest Parkett
  • Anthony Romano: Popular Boy (Clay)
  • Timothy Erskine: Darlene’s Boyfriend
  • Chestley Price: Bus Driver
  • Dave Hager: Bartender
  • John R. Copeman: Other Fisherman
  • Jeff Jeffcoat: Eddie (The Attendant)
  • Scott Hubacek: Greyhound Bus Driver
  • Melanie van Betten: Marliss
  • Jason Robert Somrak: Neighborhood Tough
  • William Thomas Crumby: Lou
  • Carl McIntyre: Willard’s Father

Key Crew:

  • Director: Mary Agnes Donoghue
  • Producers: Scott Kroopf and Patrick Palmer
  • Screenplay: Mary Agnes Donoghue
$18.3 million

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