Passed Away (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

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Passed Away (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

Passed Away Details:

Thrown for a loop by the unexpected news that Dad (Jack Warden) has suddenly gone to his reward, the grieving Scanian clan are drawn together in a test of familial endurance that soon has them at each others’ throats. As the eldest son, Johnny (Bob Hoskins) is tactlessly reminded that he’s probably the next to go; daughter Terry (Pamela Reed) is the black sheep who hasn’t told anyone that the marriage they all warned her against has broken up; thick-headed but nice looking younger son Frank (William Petersen) no longer has his father to cover for him; and Nora (Frances McDormand) comes home after going off to a cloistered convent and becoming a liberated nun who now runs an underground railroad for illegal aliens.


Key Cast:

  • Bob Hoskins: Johnny Scanlan
  • Blair Brown: Amy Scanlan
  • Tim Curry: Boyd Pinter
  • Frances McDormand: Nora Scanlan
  • William Petersen: Frank Scanlan
  • Pamela Reed: Terry Scanlan Pinter
  • Peter Riegert: Peter Syracusa
  • Maureen Stapleton: Mary Scanlan
  • Nancy Travis: Cassie Slocombe
  • Jack Warden: Jack Scanlan
  • Don Brockett: Froggie
  • Patricia O’Connell: Mrs. Finch
  • Louis Mustillo: Carmine Syracusa
  • Ann Shea: Louise
  • Sara Rue: Megan Scanlan
  • Deborah Rush: Denise Scanlan
  • Patrick Breen: Father Hallahan
  • Teri Polo: Rachel Scanlan
  • Jayce Bartok: Tony Scanlan
  • Dylan Baker: Unsworth
  • Jim Corr: Daniel
  • Dan Futterman: Tom

Key Crew:

  • Director: Charlie Peters
  • Producers: Larry Brezner and Timothy Marx
  • Writer: Charlie Peters
$4 million