Pollyanna (1960 Movie)

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Pollyanna (1960 Movie)

Pollyanna Synopsis:

Meet Pollyanna, the orphan who brings sunshine into the lives of everyone she meets. But her Aunt Polly (Jane Wyman) is too concerned with appearances, propriety, and local politics to appreciate her effervescent niece. It isn’t until the town almost loses their “Glad Girl” that Aunt Polly realizes the power of love and lightheartedness.

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Fun Facts and Statistics:

  • The movie is based on the 1913 novel of the same name by Eleanor H. Porter.

  • This was the first of six Disney movies Hayley Mills starred in.

Key Cast Members:

  • Hayley Mills: Pollyanna Whittier
  • Jane Wyman: Polly Harrington
  • Kevin Corcoran: Jimmy Bean
  • Richard Egan: Dr. Edmond Chilton
  • Karl Malden: Reverend Ford
  • Agnes Moorehead: Mrs. Snow
  • Jenny Egan: Mildred Snow
  • Adolphe Menjou: Mr. Pendergast
  • Reta Shaw: Tillie Lagerlof
  • Mary Grace Canfield: Angelica
  • Nancy Olson: Nancy Furman
  • James Drury: George Dodds
  • Leora Dana: Mrs. Ford
  • Gage Clarke: Mr. Murg
  • Donald Crisp: Mayor Karl Warren
  • Edward Platt: Ben Tarbell
  • Anne Seymour: Amelia Tarbell
  • Ian Wolfe: Mr. Neely
  • Nolan Leary: Mr. Thomas
  • Edgar Dearing: Mr. Gorman

Director: David Swift
Producers: George Goltzen and Walt Disney
Writers: Eleanor Porter and David Swift
Music: Paul Smith

$2.5 million
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