Primeval Whirl (Disney World Ride)

Primeval Whirl (Disney World Ride)

Primeval Whirl Ride Description:

Spin and slide on Primeval Whirl- a time-machine coaster back to the dinosaur age through a madcap maze of curves and drops.

Take a trip aboard a spinning roller coaster in this dinosaur-themed carnival-style attraction.

Hop inside a time-machine-styled contraption—created by research-scientist cousins Esther, Fester, Nester and Lester—and journey back to when dinosaurs ruled the earth. Climb a ramp and pass through a zany 4-ringed time portal before beginning a steady, swinging descent into the past.

A Trip to the Prehistoric Age
Sweep through a series of sudden dips and turns as your time machine spins on its own path. Whiz by cartoon-styled dinosaurs hastily preparing for their impending extinction and glimpse a shower of kooky meteors. Thrill to twists and turns and glide through a fossilized jigsaw puzzle of dinosaur bones before leaving the past behind and making your way back to the present.

Primeval Whirl Fun Facts and Statistics:

  • The top speed of this ride is roughly 29 mph

Ride Experience Video:

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  • Primeval Whirl (Disney World Ride)

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