Quiz Show (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

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Quiz Show (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

Quiz Show Details:

An exciting look behind the scenes at the thrills and high-stakes competition of TV’s hottest big-money game show! But fame and fortune become a hotbed of scandal when a Washington investigator (Rob Morrow) uncovers corruption beneath the quiz show’s glittering facade. The scandal implicates both the wildly popular champion (Ralph Fiennes) and the disgruntled ex-champ (John Turturro).


Key Cast:

  • Ralph Fiennes: Charles Van Doren
  • John Turturro: Herb Stempel
  • Rob Morrow: Richard N. “Dick” Goodwin
  • David Paymer: Dan Enright
  • Paul Scofield: Mark Van Doren
  • Hank Azaria: Albert Freedman
  • Christopher McDonald: Jack Barry
  • Adam Kilgour: Thomas Merton
  • Johann Carlo: Toby Stempel
  • Elizabeth Wilson: Dorothy Van Doren
  • Allan Rich: Robert Kintner
  • Mira Sorvino: Sandra Goodwin
  • George Martin: Chairman Oren Harris
  • Paul Guilfoyle: Lishman
  • Griffin Dunne: Geritol Account Executive
  • Michael Mantell: Pennebaker
  • Martin Scorsese: Martin Rittenhome
  • Neil Ross: Twenty-One Announcer
  • Barry Levinson: Dave Garroway
  • Shawn Batten: Cornwall cousin
  • Jeffrey Nordling: John Van Doren
  • Carole Shelley: Cornwall aunt
  • Le Clonche du Rand: Cornwall aunt
  • Calista Flockhart: Barnard Girl

Key Crew:

  • Director: Robert Redford
  • Producers: Robert Redford, Michael Jacobs, Julian Krainin and Michael Nozik
  • Screenplay: Paul Attanasio
$24.8 million
Nominated Academy Awards; Nominated Golden Globes