Return to Halloweentown (Disney Channel Original Movie)

Return to Halloweentown (Disney Channel Original Movie)

Return to Halloweentown Description:

By now, everyone knows Marnie Piper is a witch, so it comes as no surprise when she wins a full scholarship to prestigious Witch University in Halloweentown. Excited about learning alchemy and amulets, potions and portents, Marnie travels through the portal to become Witch U’s most famous coed. But everything is not what it seems. There’s a new school rule: No magic allowed in this Disney Channel Original Movie Return to Halloweentown!

Key Cast Members:

  • Sara Paxton: Marnie Piper/Young Splendora Agatha “Aggie” Cromwell
  • Judith Hoag: Gwen Piper
  • Lucas Grabeel: Ethan Dalloway
  • Joey Zimmerman: Dylan Piper
  • Kristy Wu: Scarlett
  • Katie Cockrell: Sage
  • Kellie Cockrell: Sapphire
  • Keone Young: Silas Sinister
  • Leslie Wing: Chancellor Goodwin
  • Millicent Martin: Professor Precilla Persimmon Periwinkle
  • Debbie Reynolds: Splendora Agatha “Aggie” Cromwell
  • Scott Stevenson: Dr. Grogg
  • Christopher Robin Miller: Burp-Urp-Snurt-Pfsfsfsfst III
  • Summer Bishil: Aneesa
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