Return To Oz (1983 Movie)

Return To Oz (1983 Movie)

Return To Oz Synopsis

Dorothy finds herself back in the land of her dreams, and makes delightful new friends (like Tik Tok, Jack Pumpkinhead, and the Gump), and dangerous new enemies (the creepy Wheelers, the head-hunting Princess Mombi, and the evil Nome King).

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Key Cast Members:

  • Fairuza Balk: Dorothy Gale
  • Nicol Williamson: Dr. J.B. Worley/Nome King
  • Jean Marsh: Nurse Wilson/Princess Mombi
  • Sophie Ward: Mombi II
  • Fiona Victory: Mombi III
  • Piper Laurie: Aunt Em
  • Matt Clark: Uncle Henry
  • Justin Case: the Scarecrow
  • Bruce Boa: Policeman
  • Tansy: Toto
  • Denise Bryer: Billina
  • Sean Barrett: Tik-Tok
  • Brian Henson: Jack Pumpkinhead
  • Lyle Conway: the Gump
  • Pons Maar: Nome Messenger
  • Beatrice Murch: Princess Ozma

Return To Oz Trailer

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