Ride A Wild Pony (1975 Movie)

Ride A Wild Pony (1975 Movie)

Ride A Wild Pony Description:

In Disney’s Ride A Wild Pony, a wealthy ranch owner’s gift of a wild pony means young Scotty can finally ride the seven miles to and from school, and he and the horse become fast friends. But the pony gets away and is sheltered as unclaimed by a young girl who cannot walk.

Key Cast Members:

  • Robert Bettles: Scott Pirie
  • Eva Griffith: Josie Ellison
  • Michael Craig: James Ellison
  • John Meillon: Charles Quayle
  • Alfred Bell: Angus Pirie
  • Roy Haddrick: J.C. Strapp
  • Peter Gwynne: Sgt. Collins
  • Melissa Jaffer: Mrs. Pirie
  • Lorraine Bayly: Mrs. Ellison
  • Wendy Playfair: Mrs. Quayle
  • Kate Clarkson: Jeannie Quayle
  • Jessica Noad: Miss Elsie
  • Neva Carr Glyn: Miss Gwen
  • Gerry Duggan: Train Engineer
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