Sabrina: The Animated Series (One Saturday Morning Show)

Sabrina: The Animated Series (One Saturday Morning Show)

Sabrina: The Animated Series Description:

Sabrina: The Animated Series was a popular Disney One Saturday Morning children’s show that ran from 1999-2001.

In the little town of Greendale lives Sabrina Spellman, a cute twelve year-old with a big heart and an even bigger secret. Sabrina is half mortal and half witch! The only people who know of Sabrina s powers are her teenage witch aunts, Hilda and Zelda, her lovable mortal Uncle Quigley, her best friend Chloe and her mischievous cat, Salem. Between Sabrina s unpredictable relatives, her wealthy and conceited arch nemesis Gem Stone, and her hilariously miscast spells, Sabrina s life is one big fun-filled adventure just waiting to happen! (source)

Key Cast Members:

  • Emily Hart: Sabrina Spellman
  • Nick Bakay: Salem Saberhagen
  • Melissa Joan Hart: Hilda and Zelda Spellman
  • Jay Brazeau: Uncle Quigley
  • Bill Switzer: Harvey Kinkle
  • Cree Summer: Chloe Flan
  • Chantal Strand: Gem Stone

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