Scandalous John (1971 Movie)

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Scandalous John (1971 Movie)

Scandalous John Description

In Disney’s Scandalous John, when John can no longer pay the mortgage, a greedy real estate developer steps in to seize the land. Believing that he’ll make money off his cattle, he hits the trail and sets out across the desert with his ranch hand Paco to take his one last steer to market. Soon, his cantankerous behavior leads to a series of whooping and hollering shootouts.

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Key Cast Members:

  • Brian Keith: John McCanless
  • Alfonso Arau: Paco
  • Michele Carey: Amanda McCanless
  • Rick Lenz: Jimmy Whittaker
  • Harry Morgan: Sheriff Pippen
  • Iris Adrian: Mavis
  • Simon Oakland: Barton Whittaker
  • Bill Williams: Sheriff Hart
  • Christopher Dark: Card Dealer
  • Fran Ryan: Farm Woman
  • Bruce Glover: Sludge
  • Richard Hale: Old Indian
  • Jimmy Lydon: Grotch
  • John Ritter: Wendell
  • Larry D. Mann: Bartender
  • Jack Raine: Switchman
  • Booth Colman: Governor Murray
  • Edward Faulkner: Hillary
  • Bill Zuckert: Abernathy
  • John Zaremba: Wales
  • Robert Padilla: Paco’s Cousin
  • Alex Tinne: Clerk
  • Benny Baker: Dr. Kropak
  • Paul Koslo: Pipes
  • William O’Connell: Men’s Store Clerk
  • Sam Edwards: Bald Man
  • Leone Stevens: Girl
  • José Nieto: Mariachi Band
  • Joseph Gutierrez: Mariachi Band
  • Freddie Hernandez: Mariachi Band
  • Sondra Currie: Saloon Girl
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