Shadow Conspiracy (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

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Shadow Conspiracy (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

Shadow Conspiracy Details:

Hot action star Charlie Sheen powers this explosive thriller about a terrifying plot within the U.S. Government and the one man who can stop it! Sheen plays Bobby Bishop, a key presidential adviser who finds he’s been targeted for murder by a ruthless professional killer! Suddenly Bishop is running for his life and is left with only two people he can trust: his long time mentor Jake Conrad (Donald Sutherland) and his former girlfriend, investigative reporter Amanda Givens (Linda Hamilton). You’ll find incredible excitement at every turn as Bishop – with time running out – races to save himself and end the SHADOW CONSPIRACY before it topples the government!


Key Cast:

  • Charlie Sheen: Bobby Bishop
  • Donald Sutherland: Jacob Conrad
  • Linda Hamilton: Amanda Givens
  • Stephen Lang: The Agent
  • Ben Gazzara: Vice President Saxon
  • Sam Waterston: President of the United States
  • Nicholas Turturro: Grasso
  • Charles Cioffi: General Blackburn
  • Stanley Anderson: Attorney General Toyanbee
  • Theodore Bikel: Professor Yuri Pochenko
  • Paul Gleason: Blythe
  • Terry O’Quinn: Frank Ridell
  • Gore Vidal: Congressman Page
  • Dey Young: Janet

Key Crew:

  • Director: George Cosmatos
  • Producers: Andrew Vajna, Buzz Feitshans and Terry Collins
  • Writers: Adi Hasak and Ric Gibbs
$2.3 million