Smith! (1969 Movie)

Smith! (1969 Movie)

Smith! Description:

In Disney’s Smith! , when Gabriel Jimmyboy is wrongfully accused of murder, he hides out in an old shack on Smith’s land. Tensions rise when a mean and racist sheriff tracks Jimmyboy onto Smith’s property and suspects the rancher of helping the fugitive escape. After turning himself in to the police and standing trial, Jimmyboy’s main witness is thrown in jail and it’s Smith to the rescue to bail him out.

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Key Cast Members:

  • Glenn Ford: Smith
  • Nancy Olson: Norah Smith
  • Dean Jagger: Judge. Brown
  • Warren Oates: Walter Charlie
  • Chief Dan George: Ol’ Antoine
  • Frank Ramírez: Gabriel Jimmyboy
  • John Randolph: Mr. Edwards
  • Keenan Wynn: Vince Heber
  • Christopher Shea: Alpie
  • Roger Ewing: Donald Maxwell
  • Jay Silverheels: McDonald Lasheway
  • James Westerfield: Sheriff
  • Fred Aldrich: Restaurant Patron
  • William Bryant: Corporal/Court Bailiff
  • Eric Clavering: Native on Motorcycle
  • Ricky Cordell: Peterpaul
  • Melanie Griffith: Extra
  • Gregg Palmer: Sergeant
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