Stella (Touchstone Movie)

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Stella (Touchstone Movie)

Stella Details:

From DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS to BEACHES, superstar Bette Midler has wowed audiences worldwide with her music, humor, and charisma! Midler now delivers a most engaging performance in her latest hit, STELLA! Tough and fiercely independent, Stella discovers that she is pregnant after a brief relationship with Dr. Stephen Dallas, but is too proud to accept a marriage of convenience from him or her well-meaning best friend, John Goodman (O BROTHER, WHERE ARE THOU?). Ready to face life without regrets, Stella single-handedly raises her loving daughter Jenny (Trini Alvarado). Through the years, the two share a very special relationship, until Stella faces the truth — that she cannot provide her daughter with a life of advantages her wealthy father can give her. STELLA is a warm, humorous, and thoroughly entertaining film that speaks to the heart of all audiences! (source)

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Key Cast:

  • Bette Midler: Stella Claire
  • John Goodman: Ed Munn
  • Trini Alvarado: Jenny Claire
  • Ashley Peldon: Jenny (age 3)
  • Alisan Porter: Jenny (age 8)
  • Stephen Collins: Stephen Dallas
  • Marsha Mason: Janice Morrison
  • Eileen Brennan: Mrs. Wilkerson
  • Linda Hart: Debbie Whitman
  • Ben Stiller: Jim Uptegrove
  • William McNamara: Pat Robbins

Key Crew:

  • Director: John Erman
  • Producer: Smauel Goldwyn Jr
  • Screenplay: Robert Getchell
$20.2 million

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