Stitch’s Great Escape! | Extinct Disney World Show

Stitch’s Great Escape! | Extinct Disney World Show

Stitch’s Great Escape! Description:

Stitch is on the loose in this “theater-in-the-round” that’s a treat for your eyes, ears and nose—available seasonally throughout the year!

Experiment 626 Has Escaped

As a newly appointed security recruit, prepare for a close encounter of the mischievous kind with a runaway Stitch.

Recruit Check-In
Amid a row of blinking monitors, begin your intergalactic training session with an eye-opening welcome video and discover what it means to be a guard with the Galactic Federation Prisoner Teleport Center.

Lower Security Prisoner Teleportation Chamber
Step forward and learn how the science of prisoner teleportation works from a helpful Audio-Animatronics robot named Sergeant.

Level 3 Emergency!
A mysterious high-security Level 3 prisoner has been captured and is due for arrival! Because Level 3 aliens can be quite dangerous, make your way to the High Security chamber to assist with the incoming teleportation.

High Security Prisoner Transport Chamber
Inside, take a seat around a floor-to-ceiling tube. As the teleportation begins, the prisoner is revealed to be none other than free-spirited Stitch, who naturally manages to break out of the transport chamber and wreak havoc throughout the audience in the dark!

This attraction is a multi-sensory experience featuring audio, video, olfactory and Audio-Animatronics special effects.

While the experience is appropriate for all ages, the show takes place in a darkened theater and there are several surprises and loud noises throughout the performance.

Stitch’s Great Escape! Show Video:

Walt Disney World
2018 (sort of)
ExtraTerrorestrial Alien Encounter

Photo by Roller Coaster Philosophy

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