Summer Magic (1963 Movie)

Summer Magic (1963 Movie)

Summer Magic Description

In Disney’s Summer Magic, when a close-knit Boston family loses their fortune, they find a wealth of family secrets, young love, and charming summer nights in Beulah, Maine. A good-natured postmaster, pretentious cousin Julia, and the mysterious absentee landlord, Mr. Hamilton, populate their new life in a charming old yellow house.

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Key Cast Members:

  • Hayley Mills: Nancy Carey
  • Burl Ives: Osh Popham
  • Dorothy McGuire: Margaret Carey
  • Una Merkel: Mariah Popham
  • Deborah Walley: Julia Carey
  • James Stacy: Charles Bryant
  • Eddie Hodges: Gilly Carey
  • Jimmy Mathers: Peter Carey
  • Michael J. Pollard: Digby Popham
  • Wendy Turner: Lallie Joy Popham
  • Peter Brown: Tom Hamilton
  • O.Z. Whitehead: Mr. Perkins
  • Hilda Plowright: Mary
  • Harry Holcombe: Henry Lord
$4.4 million
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