Swing Kids (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

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Swing Kids (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

Swing Kids Details:

It’s 1939 and Nazi Germany has declared war on freedom, demanding conformity from its youth. But a group calling themselves SWING KIDS rebel with their “swing” music from America and dare to stand up against the powerful forces around them. Robert Sean Leonard and Christian Bale deliver gripping performances as two friends who must choose between their individual freedom or loyalty to the murderous Third Reich. Also featuring Barbara Hershey, SWING KIDS is an inspirational and powerful story about finding the courage to fight for what you believe in!


Key Cast:

  • Robert Sean Leonard: Peter Müller
  • Christian Bale: Thomas Berger
  • Frank Whaley: Arvid
  • Barbara Hershey: Frau Müller
  • Tushka Bergen: Evey
  • David Tom: Willi Müller
  • Julia Stemberger: Frau Linge
  • Kenneth Branagh: SS-Sturmbandführer Knopp
  • Noah Wyle: Emil Lutz
  • Jessica Hynes: Helga
  • Martin Clunes: Bandführer
  • Jayce Bartok: Otto

Key Crew:

  • Director: Thomas Carter
  • Producers: Mark Gordon and John Bard Manulis
  • Writer: Jonathan Marc Feldman
  • Music: James Horner
$5.6 million