That Darn Cat (1997 Movie)

That Darn Cat (1997 Movie)

That Darn Cat Description:

Get ready for a purrr-fectly hilarious comedy adventure starring Christina Ricci and Doug E. Doug. When her faithful tomcat D.C. (aka “Darn Cat”) brings home an important clue to a mysterious kidnapping, 16-year-old Patti Randall finds her ho-hum hometown suddenly turned into a hotbed of criminal excitement! And when she teams up with rookie FBI Agent Kelso to try to solve the baffling crime … these would-be detectives follow THAT DARN CAT into some unexpected surprises!

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Key Cast Members:

  • Christina Ricci: Patti Randall
  • Doug E. Doug: Agent Zeke Kelso
  • Dean Jones: Mr. Flint
  • George Dzundza: FBI Capt. Boetticher
  • Peter Boyle: Pa
  • Michael McKean: Peter Randall
  • Bess Armstrong: Judy Randall
  • Dyan Cannon: Mrs. Flint
  • John Ratzenberger: Dusty
  • Megan Cavanagh: Lu the Butcher
  • Estelle Parsons: Old Lady McCracken
  • Rebecca Schull: Ma
  • Tom Wilson: Melvin
  • Brian Haley: Marvin
  • Mark Christopher Lawrence: Rollo
  • Rebecca Koon: Lizzie
  • Wilbur Fitzgerald: Scientist
$18.3 million
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