The 6th Man (Touchstone Movie)

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The 6th Man (Touchstone Movie)

The 6th Man Details:

It’s fun and laughs for everyone as big-screen funnymen Marlon Wayans and Kadeem Hardison score big in this high-flying comedy that redefines “team spirit”! When college basketball superstar Antoine Tyler (Hardison) dies unexpectedly, the dream of winning an NCAA Championship alongside his younger brother, Kenny (Wayans), dies with him … or so it seems! Suddenly, Antoine stands to make the greatest comeback of all time … as a ghost who becomes the team’s invisible “sixth man” the crowd can’t see! You’ll love every hysterically funny dunk, steal, and assist as Antoine helps Kenny and his team take another shot at winning it all!

Key Cast:

  • Marlon Wayans: Kenny Tyler
  • Kadeem Hardison: Antoine Tyler
  • David Paymer: Coach Pederson
  • Michael Michele: R.C. St. John
  • Kevin Dunn: Mikulski
  • Gary Jones: Gertz
  • Lorenzo Orr: Malik Major
  • Vladimir Ćuk: Zigi Hrbaček
  • Travis Ford: Danny O’Grady
  • Jack Karuletwa: Luther Lasalle
  • Chris Spencer: Jimmy Stubbs
  • Kirk Baily: Coach Nicholls
  • Saundra McClain: Camille Tyler

Key Crew:

  • Director: Randall Miller
  • Producers: David Hoberman
  • Writer: Christopher Reed and Cynthia Carle

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