The Air Up There (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

The Air Up There (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

The Air Up There Details:

Jimmy Dolan, a college basketball coach, wants to find a new star for his team since he believes this will get him a promotion to head coach at the school. He sees a video of Saleh, a basketball prodigy, and travels to Africa to recruit him. Upon arriving, Dolan is confronted with challenges of adjusting and learning how to live amidst of a brand new culture. Dolan and Saleh both teach each other life lessons before they take the court for one final game with everything on the line.


Key Cast:

  • Kevin Bacon: Jimmy Dolan
  • Charles Gitonga Maina: Saleh
  • Yolanda Vazquez: Sister Susan
  • Winston Ntshona: Urudu
  • Mabutho ‘Kid’ Sithole: Nyaga
  • Sean McCann: Ray Fox
  • Dennis Patrick: Father O’Hara
  • Nigel Miguel: Halawi

Key Crew:

  • Director: Paul Michael Glaser
  • Producers: Paul Cort, Ted Field and Rosalie Swedlin
  • Writer: Max Apple
$21 million

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