The Apple Dumpling Gang (1975 Movie)

The Apple Dumpling Gang (1975 Movie)

The Apple Dumpling Gang Description:

In Disney’s The Apple Dumpling Gang, the hilarity begins when a roving bachelor inherits three young orphans and a wealth of problems. When the youngsters stumble upon a huge golden nugget, they must fend off the greedy townspeople. So the kids join forces with the bumbling outlaws to stage a robbery of the gold.

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Key Cast Members:

  • Bill Bixby: Russell Donovan
  • Susan Clark: Magnolia Dusty Clydesdale
  • Don Knotts: Theodore Ogelvie
  • Tim Conway: Amos Tucker
  • David Wayne: Col. T.R. Clydesdale
  • Slim Pickens: Frank Stillwell
  • Harry Morgan: Homer McCoy
  • John McGiver: Leonard Sharpe
  • Don Knight: John Wintle
  • Clay O’Brien: Bobby Bradley
  • Brad Savage: Clovis Bradley
  • Stacy Manning: Celia Bradley
  • Dennis Fimple: Rudy Hooks
  • Pepe Callahan: Clemons
  • Iris Adrian: Poker Polly
  • Fran Ryan: Mrs. Stockley
  • Bing Russell: Herm Dally
  • James E. Brodhead: The Mouthpiece
  • Jim Boles: Easy Archie
  • Olan Soule: Rube Cluck
  • Tom Waters: Rowdy Joe Dover
  • Dawn Little Sky: Big Foot
  • Joshua Shelley: Broadway Phil
  • Richard Lee-Sung: Oh So
  • Arthur Wong: No So
  • Dick Winslow: Slippery Sid
  • Bill Dunbar: Fast Eddie
  • Wally Berns: Cheating Charley

Movie Trailer:

$36.8 million
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