The Big Green (1995 Movie)

The Big Green (1995 Movie)

The Big Green Description:

In Disney’s The Big Green, nothing ever happens in Elma, Texas, at least not until British schoolteacher Anna Montgomery arrives. Determined to motivate her students, Anna decides to form a soccer team. She enlists the aid of out-of-shape sheriff Tom Palmer, who agrees to coach the team so he can beat his old nemesis, the ruthless coach of the big city bullies, the Knights.

Key Cast Members:

  • Olivia d’Abo: Miss Anna Montgomery
  • Steve Guttenberg: Deputy Sheriff Tom Palmer
  • Jay O. Sanders: Coach Jay Huffer
  • John Terry: Edwin V. Douglas
  • Chauncey Leopardi: Evan Schiff
  • Patrick Renna: Larry Musgrove
  • Billy L. Sullivan: Jeffrey Luttrell
  • Yareli Arizmendi: Marbelly Morales
  • Bug Hall: Newt Shaw
  • Jessica Robertson: Kate Douglas
  • Jordan Brower: Nick Anderssen
  • Libby Villari: Brenda Neilson
  • Anthony Esquivel: Juan “Mexi-Kid” Morales
  • Hayley Kolb: Sophia Convertino
  • Haley Miller: Polly Neilson
  • Ashley Welch: Lou Gates
  • Jimmy Higa: Tak
$17.7 million
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