The Boatniks (1970 Movie)

The Boatniks (1970 Movie)

The Boatniks Description

In the Disney classic film The Boatniks, it’s sink or swim as the accident-prone ensign goes overboard for Kate, steams after a trio of naughty nautical jewel thieves, and navigates the wake of mishap after mishap on one of the funniest waterways ever.

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Key Cast Members:

  • Robert Morse: Ensign Garland
  • Stefanie Powers: Kate
  • Phil Silvers: Harry Simmons
  • Norman Fell: Max
  • Mickey Shaughnessy: Charlie
  • Wally Cox: Jason
  • Don Ameche: Commander Taylor
  • Joey Forman: Lt. Jordan
  • Vito Scotti: Pepe Galindo
  • Tom Lowell: Wagner
  • Robert Hastings: Chief Walsh
  • Sammy Jackson: Garlotti
  • Joe E. Ross: Nutty Sailor
  • Judith Jordan: Tina
  • Al Lewis: Bert
  • Midori: Chiyoko Kuni
  • Kelly Thordsen: Motorcycle Cop
  • Gil Lamb: Mr. Mitchell
$18.6 million
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