The Cat From Outer Space (1978 Movie)

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The Cat From Outer Space (1978 Movie)

The Cat From Outer Space Description:

In Disney’s The Cat From Outer Space, an extraterrestrial cat named Jake is forced to crash-land his spaceship on Earth. Jake then proceeds to lead a physicist, his girlfriend, the Army, and a team of baffled scientists on endless escapades during his unscheduled and hilarious visit!

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Key Cast Members:

  • Ken Berry: Dr. Franklin “Frank” Wilson
  • Sandy Duncan: Dr. Elizabeth “Liz” Bartlett
  • Harry Morgan: Gen. Stilton
  • Ronnie Schell: Sgt. Duffy/Voice of Jake
  • Roddy McDowall: Mr. Stallwood
  • McLean Stevenson: Dr. Norman Link
  • Jesse White: Earnest Ernie
  • Alan Young: Dr. Winger
  • Hans Conried: Chief Dr. Heffel
  • James Hampton: Capt. Anderson
  • Howard Platt: Col. Woodruff
  • William Prince: Mr. Charlie Olympus
  • Ralph Manza: Weasel
  • Tom Pedi: Honest Harry
  • Hank Jones: Officer
  • Rick Hurst: Dydee Guard
  • Sorrell Booke: Judge
  • Fred Whalen: Sarasota Slim
  • John Alderson: Mr. Smith
  • Tiger Joe Marsh: Omar
  • Alfred Soboloff: NASA Executive
  • Mel Carter: 1st Soldier
  • Dallas McKennon: Charlie Cooney
  • Alice Backes: Farmer’s Wife
  • Henry Slate: Sandwich Man
  • Roger Pancake: Red
  • Roger Price: 1st E.R.L. Report
  • Jerry Fujikawa: 2nd E.R.L. Report
  • Jim Begg: Dydee Driver
  • Peter Renaday: Baliff
  • Rickie Sorensen: Technician
  • Tom Jackman: Army Engineer
  • Joseph G. Medalis: Sucker
  • Gil Stratton: 1st NASA Scientist
  • Jana Milo: 2nd NASA Scientist
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