The Chicken Squad (Disney Junior Show)

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The Chicken Squad (Disney Junior Show)

The Chicken Squad Details:

BAGAWK! Say hello to the Chicken Squad, the world’s greatest team of backyard helpers! This sibling trio (Coop, Sweetie, and Little Boo) is a team of eager community helpers and clever problem-solvers. With guidance from their mentor, a retired search-and-rescue dog, Captain Tully, they lead with kindness, learn from their mistakes, and help their neighbors. Whether they’re finding lost food, rescuing a puppy from a creek, or figuring out how their mom’s flowers got trampled, the Chicken Squad is always there to lend a wing!

The Chicken Squad Crew:

  • Creator: Tom Rogers
  • Directors: Elliot Bour and Scott Bern
  • Producers: Rachel Ruderman and Peter Anderson

The Chicken Squad Cast:

  • Captain Tully: Yvette Nicole Brown
  • Coop: Ramone Hamilton
  • Sweetie: Gabriella Graves
  • Little Boo: Maxwell Simkins
  • Frazz: Tony Hale
  • Dr. Dirt: Jane Lynch
  • Dinah: Melissa Rauch
  • Riley: Sean Giambrone
  • Lt. Scruffy: Malcolm-Jamal Warner
  • Wheeze: Melissa Villaseñor
  • Snick: Zack Pearlman
  • Maizie: Alison Fernandez
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