The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (1969 Movie)

The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (1969 Movie)

The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes Description:

In Disney’s The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes , Dexter Riley, a handsome but bumbling Medfield College student, accidentally becomes The Computer Who Knew Too Much when he is effortlessly transformed from half-wit to genius in an electriyfing computer mishap. Gamblers, gangsters, and greedy college deans are quick to fight for control of his computer-like brain … especially when Dexter nonchalantly starts blabbing the syndicate’s secrets!

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Key Cast Members:

  • Kurt Russell: Dexter Riley
  • Cesar Romero: A.J. Arno
  • Joe Flynn: Dean Higgins
  • William Schallert: Professor Quigley
  • Alan Hewitt: Dean Collingsgood
  • Richard Bakalyan: Chillie Walsh
  • Debbie Paine: Annie Hannah
  • Frank Webb: Pete
  • Michael McGreevey: Schuyler
  • Jon Provost: Bradley
  • Frank Welker: Henry
  • Alex Clarke: Myles
  • Bing Russell: Angelo
  • Pat Harrington: Moderator
  • Fabian Dean: Little Mac
  • Fritz Feld: Sigmund van Dyke
  • Pete Ronoudet: Lt. Charles “Charlie” Hannah
  • Hillyard Anderson: J. Reedy
  • David Canary: Walski
  • Robert Foul: Police desk sergeant
  • Ed Begley Jr.: a Springfield State panelist
$5.5 million
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