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The Country Bears (2002 Movie)

Last Updated on: June 7th, 2022

Here is everything you need to know about the amazing Disney movie The Country Bears including casting, reviews, fun facts and more. I hope you find this listing informative and helpful!

The Country Bears (2002 Movie)

The Country Bears Description:

For Beary Barrington, The Country Bears’ young #1 fan, fitting in with his all-too-human family is proving im-paws-ible. When he runs away to find Country Bear Hall and his heroes, he discovers the venue that made them famous is near foreclosure. Beary hightails it over the river and through the woods to get the Bears in the Band back together for an all-out reunion concert to save Country Bear Hall.

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This movie is inspired by the Disney park attraction The Country Bear Jamboree.

The Country Bears Trailer

  • Haley Joel Osment: Beary Barrington
  • Elizabeth Daily: Beary Barrington (singing voice)
  • Diedrich Bader: Ted Bedderhead
  • John Hiatt: Ted Bedderhead (singing voice)
  • Candy Ford: Trixie St. Claire
  • Bonnie Raitt: Trixie St. Claire (singing voice)
  • Toby Huss: Tennessee O’Neal
  • Don Henley: Tennessee O’Neal (singing voice)
  • James Gammon: Big Al
  • Brad Garrett: Fred Bedderhea
  • Kevin Michael Richardson: Henry Dixon Taylor
  • Stephen Root: Zeb Zoober
  • Diedrich Bader: Officer Cheets
  • Daryl Mitchell: Officer Hamm
  • M.C. Gainey: Roadie
  • Stephen Tobolowsky: Mr. Norbert Barrington
  • Meagen Fay: Mrs. Barrington
  • Eli Marienthal: Dexter “Dex” Barrington
  • Christopher Walken: Reed Thimple
  • Michael Lawrence Morgan: Young Benny Bogswaggle
  • Alex Rocco: Rip Holland
  • Jennifer Paige: Waitress
  • Jess Harnell: Long-Haired Dude
  • Paul Rugg: TV Reporter
  • Krystal: Herself
  • Don Henley: Himself
  • John Hiatt: Himself
  • Elton John: Himself
  • Queen Latifah: Herself
  • Willie Nelson: Himself
  • Bonnie Raitt: Herself
  • Brian Setzer: Himself
  • Don Was: Himself
  • Wyclef Jean: Himself
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