The Gnome-Mobile (1967 Movie)

The Gnome-Mobile (1967 Movie)

The Gnome-Mobile Description:

In Disney’s The Gnome-Mobile, a two-foot-high gnome, Jasper has been desperately searching for a suitable bride to please Knobby, his 900-year-old grandfather. Surprised and delighted with their find, the children agree to help Jasper with his predicament – a problem that develops into a wild chase when an enterprising showman discovers the gnomes and quickly masterminds a kidnapping plot!

Key Cast Members:

  • Walter Brennan: D.J. Mulrooney/Knobby
  • Matthew Garber: Rodney
  • Karen Dotrice: Elizabeth
  • Richard Deacon: Ralph Yarby
  • Tom Lowell: Jasper
  • Sean McClory: Horatio Quaxton
  • Ed Wynn: Rufus the Gnome King
  • Jerome Cowan: Dr. Ramsey
  • Charles Lane: Dr. Scoggins
  • Norman Grabowski: Male Nurse
  • Gil Lamb: Gas Attendant
  • Maudie Prickett: Katie Barrett
  • Cami Sebring: Violet
$4 million
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