The Great Locomotive Chase (1956 Movie)

The Great Locomotive Chase (1956 Movie)

The Great Locomotive Chase Description:

In Disney’s The Great Locomotive Chase, after commandeering a Confederate locomotive, heroic Yankee soldiers known as the Andrews Raiders try to bring about an early end to the Civil War by crippling the Southern railroad network. But their efforts are hampered by the unrelenting bravery of a single Rebel patriot.

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Key Cast Members:

  • Fess Parker: James J. Andrews
  • Jeffrey Hunter: William A. Fuller
  • Jeff York: William Campbell
  • John Lupton: Cpl. William Pittenger
  • Eddie Firestone: Robert Buffum
  • Kenneth Tobey: Anthony Murphy
  • Don Megowan: Marion A. Ross
  • Claude Jarman, Jr.: Jacob Parrott
  • Harry Carey, Jr.: William Bensinger
  • Leonard P. Geer: James A. Wilson
  • George Robotham: William Knight
  • Stan Jones: Wilson W. Brown
  • Marc Hamilton: John Wollam
  • John Wiley: John M. Scott
  • Slim Pickens: Pete Bracken
  • Morgan Woodward: Alex
  • W.S. Bearden: Switchman
  • Harvey Hester: Jess McIntyre

Director: Francis Lyon
Producer: Lawrence Watkin and Walt Disney
Writer: Lawrence Watkin
Music: Paul Smith

$1.7 million
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