The Guardian (Touchstone Movie)

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The Guardian (Touchstone Movie)

The Guardian Details:

Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher star in THE GUARDIAN, the powerful, action-packed drama that takes you inside the never-before-seen world of the elite Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers. Reeling with grief in the wake of a mission gone tragically wrong, legendary Rescue Swimmer Ben Randall (Costner) is given a mission he doesn’t want — training raw recruits. Once there, he knocks heads with cocky Jake Fischer (Kutcher), a swimming champ driven by a painful secret, who’s more interested in breaking Ben’s records than saving lives. But Ben also sees Jake has what it takes to be the best of the best. Filled with spectacular rescues in the lethal waters of the Bering Sea, THE GUARDIAN is a riveting and compelling story that dives straight into the heart and soul of real heroes, the unsung guardians of the sea.

Key Cast:

  • Kevin Costner: Senior Chief Aviation Survival Technician Ben Randall
  • Ashton Kutcher: Airman/Petty Officer 3rd Class Jake Fischer
  • Neal McDonough: Chief Aviation Survival Technician Jack Skinner
  • Melissa Sagemiller: Emily Thomas
  • Leigh Hennessy: Drowning Woman
  • Clancy Brown: Captain William Hadley
  • Brian Geraghty: Aviation Survival Technician Third Class Billy Hodge
  • Sela Ward: Helen Randall
  • Omari Hardwick: Chief Petty Officer Carl Billings
  • Michael Rady: Zingaro
  • Peter Gail: Airman Danny Doran
  • Shelby Fenner: Airman Cate Lindsey
  • Damon Lipari: Damon Bennett
  • Bonnie Bramlett: Maggie McGlone
  • John Heard: Captain Frank Larson
  • Dulé Hill: Airman Ken Weatherly
  • Brian Patrick Wade: Mitch Lyons
  • Joe Arquette: Co-Pilot Antunez
  • Andrew Schanno: Pilot Henry Mitchell
  • Tilky Jones: Tilky Flint
  • Jeff Loftus: USCG Commander, Executive Officer
  • Daniel Molthen: Richard Wakefield
  • Bryce Cass: Manny
  • Chicago Catz: the bar band
  • Travis Willingham: Travis Finley

Key Crew:

  • Director: Andrew Davis
  • Producers: Armyan Bernstein, Lowell D. Blank, Zanne Devine, Beau Flynn
  • Writer: Ron Brinkerhoff
$94.9 million

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