The Insider (Touchstone Movie)

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The Insider (Touchstone Movie)

The Insider Details:

THE INSIDER recounts the chain of events that pitted an ordinary man against the tobacco industry and dragged two people into the fight of their lives. Academy Award-winner Al Pacino gives a powerful performance as producer Lowell Bergman and Academy Award Winner Russell Crowe co-stars as the ultimate insider, former tobacco executive Dr. Jeffrey Wigand. When Wigand is fired by his employer — one of the largest tobacco companies in America — he agrees to become a paid consultant for a story Bergman is working on regarding alleged unethical practices within the tobacco industry. But what begins as a temporary alliance leads to a lengthy battle for both men to save their reputations, and much, much more. As they soon find out, Corporate America will use all legal means at its disposal to save a billion-dollar-a-year habit. And as the corporate giants soon find out, Bergman and Wigand are honorable men, driven to smoke out the evidence. Also starring Christopher Plummer as anchor Mike Wallace and Gina Gershon, THE INSIDER will chill you with its cold, hard edge — and thrill you with its unbelievable twists and turns.

Key Cast:

  • Al Pacino: Lowell Bergman
  • Russell Crowe: Jeffrey Wigand
  • Christopher Plummer: Mike Wallace
  • Diane Venora: Liane Wigand
  • Philip Baker Hall: Don Hewitt
  • Lindsay Crouse: Sharon Tiller
  • Debi Mazar: Debbie De Luca
  • Renee Olstead: Deborah Wigand
  • Hallie Kate Eisenberg: Barbara Wigand
  • Stephen Tobolowsky: Eric Kluster
  • Colm Feore: Richard Scruggs
  • Bruce McGill: Ron Motley
  • Gina Gershon: Helen Caperelli
  • Michael Gambon: B&W CEO Thomas Sandefur
  • Rip Torn: John Scanlon
  • Cliff Curtis: Sheikh Fadlallah
  • Gary Sandy: Sandefur’s lawyer
  • Roger Bart: Seelbach hotel manager
  • Jack Palladino: himself
  • Mike Moore: himself

Key Crew:

  • Director: Michael Mann
  • Producers: Michael Manna nd Pieter Jan Brugge
  • Writer: Eric Roth and Michael Mann
$60.28 million
Nominated Academy Awards; Nominated Golden Globe

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