The Jerky Boys: The Movie (Touchstone Movie)

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The Jerky Boys: The Movie (Touchstone Movie)

The Jerky Boys: The Movie Details:

Hold the Phone! Here’s the first big-screen adventure from the hot comedy recording artists behind two platinum albums — THE JERKY BOYS! You’ve heard their outrageous prank calls on their smash-hit CDs. Now, Johnny B. and Kamal — two self-described “low-lifes from Queens” — ring up comedy and chaos when a hilarious prank phone call pushes the buttons of an angry mob boss (Alan Arkin) who sends his thugs to disconnect the Jerky Boys for good! You’ll laugh till your sides ache as the Boys’ outrageous comic characters find themselves one step ahead of the law…and on the run from the mob!

Key Cast:

  • Johnny: Himself
  • Kamal: Himself
  • Ernie Lazzaro: Alan Arkin
  • Tony Scarboni: Vincent Pastore
  • Geno: Brian Tarantina
  • Sonny: Peter Appel
  • Robert Worzic: Brad Sullivan
  • Brett Weir: James Lorinz
  • Mrs. B: Suzanne Shepherd
  • Uncle Freddy – William Hickey
  • Mickey: Alan North
  • Construction Foreman: Joe Lisi
  • Burger Bob Customer: Ron Ostrow

Key Crew:

  • Director: James Melkonian
  • Producers: Roger Birnbaum and Joe Roth
  • Writers: James Melkonian, Rich Wilkes, John Brennan and Kamal Ahmed
$7.5 million

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