The Love Bug (1968 Movie)

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The Love Bug (1968 Movie)

The Love Bug Description:

Herbie, the lovable car with a mind of his own. In Disney’s The Love Bug, Dean Jones, Michele Lee, and Buddy Hackett join Herbie in this revved-up comedy classic. Jones plays down-on-his-luck race car driver Jim Douglas, who reluctantly teams up with the little machine. Douglas thinks his sudden winning streak is due to his skill, not Herbie’s. He finally realizes the car’s worth when a sneaky rival plots to steal Herbie for himself.

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Key Cast Members:

  • Dean Jones: Jim Douglas
  • Michele Lee: Carole Bennet
  • David Tomlinson: Peter Thorndyke
  • Buddy Hackett: Tennessee Steinmetz
  • Joe Flynn: Havershaw
  • Benson Fong: Tang Wu
  • Joe E. Ross: Detective
  • Barry Kelley: Police sergeant
  • Iris Adrian: Carhop
  • Gary Owens: Announcer
  • Chick Hearn: Announcer
  • Andy Granatelli: Association President
  • Ned Glass: Toll Booth Attendant
  • Robert Foulk: Bice
  • Gil Lamb: Policeman at Park
  • Nicole Jaffe: Girl in Dune-Buggy
  • Wally Boag: Flabbergasted Driver
  • Russ Caldwell: Boy Driving Dune-Buggy
  • Peter Renaday: Policeman on Bridge
  • Brian Fong: Chinese carrying Herbie
  • Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez: Mexican Driver
  • Dale Van Sickel: Driver
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