The Other Sister (Touchstone Movie)

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The Other Sister (Touchstone Movie)

The Other Sister Details:

Even though Carla (Juliette Lewis) has grown into a very capable young woman, her nervous mother (Diane Keaton) still has a major meltdown when Carla announces she’s in love for the first time! So as Carla and her new boyfriend (Giovanni Ribisi) set out to experience all of life’s great adventures, they’re also out to prove that Carla has earned her independence!

Key Cast:

  • Juliette Lewis: Carla Tate
  • Kendra Krull: Young Carla
  • Diane Keaton: Elizabeth Tate
  • Tom Skerritt: Dr. Radley Tate
  • Giovanni Ribisi: Daniel “Danny” McMann
  • Poppy Montgomery: Caroline Tate
  • Brooke Garrett: Young Caroline
  • Sarah Paulson: Heather Tate
  • Brighton McCloskey: Young Heather
  • Linda Thorson: Drew Evanson
  • Joe Flanigan: Jeff Reed
  • Juliet Mills: Winnie the Housekeeper
  • Tracy Reiner: Michelle
  • Hector Elizondo: Ernie

Key Crew:

  • Director: Garry Marshall
  • Producers: Mario Iscovich and Alexandra Rose
  • Screenplay: Bob Brunner and Garry Marshall
$27.8 million

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