The Parent Trap (1961 Movie)

The Parent Trap (1961 Movie)

The Parent Trap Synopsis:

In The Parent Trap, Susan and Sharon are identical twins separated at birth. Neither twin knows the other exists until a simple twist of fate finds them at the same summer camp. Then, realizing who they are, they plan a little twist of their own. They switch places with high hopes of getting their parents back together.

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Fun Facts and Statistics:

  • The movie was remade in 1998 and starred Lindsay Lohan.

  • The movie was the 6th biggest film of 1961.

Key Cast Members:

  • Hayley Mills: Sharon McKendrick/Susan Evers
  • Brian Keith: Mitchell “Mitch” Evers
  • Maureen O’Hara: Margaret “Maggie” McKendrick
  • Joanna Barnes: Vicky Robinson
  • Charlie Ruggles: Charles McKendrick
  • Cathleen Nesbitt: Louise McKendrick
  • Una Merkel: Verbena the housekeeper
  • Leo G. Carroll: Reverend Dr. Mosby
  • Linda Watkins: Edna Robinson
  • Ruth McDevitt: Miss Abbey Inch
  • Crahan Denton: Hecky the ranch foreman
  • Nancy Kulp: Miss Grunecker
  • Frank De Vol: Mr. Eaglewood
$25.1 million
Nominated Academy Award
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