The Program (Touchstone Movie)

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The Program (Touchstone Movie)

The Program Details:

Eastern State University’s football program attracts the finest players in the country from a variety of backgrounds and works to mold them into a fiercely motivated top ten team. Pushed to perform, these elite athletes collide on and off the field — testing their commitment and character while fighting the demands and pressures of winning at all costs. However, beyond the thrill and pageantry of game day lies a world that cheering crowds seldom see. With the coveted prize of competing in a championship bowl game as their goal, the players — including star quarterback and Heisman trophy contender Joe Kane, freshman tailback Darnell Jefferson and teammates Alvin Mack and Ray Griffen — endure both physical pain and emotional failure. With the ever-threatening presence of their coach, Sam Winters, alternating between inspirational father figure and cruel dictator, pushing them to excel beyond their limits, this season is as violent and intense as anything these young men will ever experience. This production captures the essence of high-stakes college football where players and coaches straddle the line between their passion for the game and paying the ultimate price of success.

Key Cast:

  • James Caan: Coach Sam Winters
  • Halle Berry: Autumn Haley
  • Omar Epps: Darnell Jefferson
  • Craig Sheffer: Joe Kane
  • Kristy Swanson: Camille Shafer
  • Abraham Benrubi: Bud Kaminski
  • Andrew Bryniarski: Steve Lattimer
  • Duane Davis: Alvin Mack
  • J. Leon Pridgen II: Ray Griffen
  • Jon Pennell: Bobby Collins
  • Joey Lauren Adams: Louanne Winters
  • Rhoda Griffis: Reporter #3
  • Steven Griffith: Joe’s brother

Key Crew:

  • Director: David Ward
  • Producers: Tom Rothman, Duncan Henderson and Samuel Goldwyn, Jr
  • Writer: David Ward and Aaron Latham
$23 million

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