The Puppet Masters (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

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The Puppet Masters (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

The Puppet Masters Details:

Donald Sutherland leads a team of top-level government agents who make a chilling discovery: extraterrestrial beings have landed and are quickly taking control of the residents of a small Midwestern town — manipulating their bodies and minds like puppets! Faced with an escalating crisis as the creatures multiply and spread, the team must somehow eliminate the seemingly unstoppable aliens.


Key Cast:

  • Donald Sutherland: Andrew Nivens
  • Eric Thal: Sam Nivens
  • Julie Warner: Mary Sefton
  • Keith David: Alex Holland
  • Will Patton: Dr. Graves
  • Richard Belzer: Jarvis
  • Tom Mason: President Douglas
  • Yaphet Kotto: Ressler
  • Sam Anderson: Culbertson
  • J. Patrick McCormack: Gidding
  • Marshall Bell: General Morgan
  • Nicholas Cascone: Greenberg
  • Bruce Jarchow: Barnes
  • Benjamin Mouton: Higgins
  • David Pasquesi: Vargas
  • Andrew Robinson: Hawthorne
  • Benj Thall: Jeff
  • William Wellman, Jr.: Doctor
  • Dale Dye: Brande
  • John C. Cooke: Lt. Abbey
  • Michael Shamus Wiles: Capt. Earley

Key Crew:

  • Director: Stuart Orme
  • Producer: Ralph Winter
  • Screenplay: Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio and David Goyer
$18.6 million