The Rich Man’s Wife (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

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The Rich Man’s Wife (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

The Rich Man’s Wife Details:

This edge-of-your-seat thriller stars sexy Halle Berry as a beautiful woman hopelessly trapped in a web of suspense and terror where nothing is what it seems! Josie Potenza (Berry) has it all: a fabulous home, a life of privilege, and a wealthy husband. But Josie’s seemingly perfect life takes a nightmarish turn when her husband is brutally murdered — making her the prime suspect in the police investigation … and the prime target of a psychotic blackmailing killer! THE RICH MAN’S WIFE is riveting entertainment that delivers heart-stopping suspense!


Key Cast:

  • Halle Berry: Josie Potenza
  • Peter Greene: Cole Wilson
  • Clive Owen: Jake Golden
  • Christopher McDonald: Tony Potenza
  • Frankie Faison: Detective Ron Lewis
  • Charles Hallahan: Detective Dan Fredricks
  • Clea Lewis: Nora Golden
  • Allan Rich: Bill Adolphe

Key Crew:

  • Director: Amy Holden Jones
  • Producers: Julie Bergman Sender and Roger Birnbaum
  • Writer: Amy Holden Jones
$8.5 million