The Scarlet Letter (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

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The Scarlet Letter (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

The Scarlet Letter Details:

Sexy Demi Moore heats up this powerfully sensual story of illicit love! In a time when adultery is punishable by death, Hester Prynne (Moore) becomes involved in a risky and scandalous affair with her town’s handsome minister (Gary Oldman). But when their secret passion results in a child, Hester is confronted with the town’s overwhelming scorn … and is condemned to forever wear the scarlet letter “A” as a public brand of shame! A highly provocative retelling of the classic tale of forbidden love, THE SCARLET LETTER combines a sizzling story with exciting stars and delivers must-see entertainment.


Key Cast:

  • Demi Moore: Hester Prynne
  • Gary Oldman: Rev. Arthur Dimmesdale
  • Robert Duvall: Roger Prynne/ Roger Chillingworth
  • Edward Hardwicke: John Bellingham
  • Lisa Joliffe-Andoh: Mituba
  • Robert Prosky: Horace Stonehall
  • Roy Dotrice: Rev. Thomas Cheever
  • Joan Plowright: Harriet Hibbons
  • Larissa Laskin: Goody Mortimer
  • Amy Wright: Goody Gotwick
  • George Aguilar: Johnny Sassamon
  • Tim Woodward: Brewster Stonehall
  • Dana Ivey: Meredith Stonehall
  • Sheldon Peters Wolfchild: Moskeegee
  • Eric Schweig: Metacomet
  • Kristin Fairlie: Faith Stonehall
  • Sarah Campbell: Prudence Stonehall
  • Kennetch Charlette: Tarratine Chief

Key Crew:

  • Director: Roland Joffre
  • Producers: Roland Joffre and Andrew Vajna
  • Screenplay: Douglas Day Stewart
$10.3 million