The Shaggy DA (1976 Movie)

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The Shaggy DA (1976 Movie)

The Shaggy DA Description

In Disney’s The Shaggy DA, disgusted by the shady dealings of not-so “Honest” John Slade, Wilby Daniels decides to run for District Attorney, but when robbers steal the magic Borgia ring that “dogged” Wilby as a teenager, the fur really begins to fly! Once again, Wilby keeps turning into a large, talking sheepdog at the worst possible moments when the ring’s magical incantation is read aloud.

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Key Cast Members:

  • Dean Jones: Wilby Daniels
  • Tim Conway: Tim
  • Suzanne Pleshette: Betty Daniels
  • Keenan Wynn: John Slade
  • Jo Anne Worley: Katrinka Muggelberg
  • Dick Van Patten: Raymond
  • Shane Sinutko: Brian Daniels
  • Vic Tayback: Eddie Roshak
  • John Myhers: Admiral Brenner
  • Richard Bakalyan: Freddie
  • Warren Berlinger: Dip
  • John Fiedler: Howie Clemmings
  • Hans Conried: Professor Whatley
  • Michael McGreevey: Sheldon
  • Richard O’Brien: Desk sergeant
  • Richard Lane: Roller rink announcer
  • Benny Rubin: Waiter
  • Ruth Gillette: Song chairman
  • Hank Jones: Policeman
  • Iris Adrian: Manageress
  • Pat McCormick: Bartender
  • Henry Slate: Taxi driver
  • Milton Frome: Auctioneer
  • Walt Davis: TV cameraman
  • Albert Able: TV technician
  • Mary Ann Gibson, Helene Winston, Joan Crosby: Daisyettes
  • Sarah Fankboner: Shopper
  • Danny Wells: Police official
  • Herb Vigran, Olan Soule: Bar patrons
  • Vern Rowe: Dawson
  • Karl Lukas: Painter
  • John Hayes: Stranger
  • Christina Anderson: Lonnie