The Tie That Binds (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

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The Tie That Binds (Hollywood Pictures Movie)

The Tie That Binds Details:

Daryl Hannah (Splash) leads an all-star cast in The Tie That Binds – When a childless couple (Moira Kelly, The Cutting Edge and Vincent Spano, Indian Summer) adopts an abandoned little girl, they discover a happiness they’ve never known before. But their new life is violently shattered when the girl’s natural parents – a dangerous pair of outlaws (Hannah, and Keith Carradine, The Long Riders) – reappear to claim what’s theirs. It’s heart-stopping thrills as one couple is forced to fight for their lives – against another who will stop at nothing to take their daughter back. Veteran Hollywood screenwriter Wesley Strick (Cape Fear, True Believer) made his directorial debut with this suspenseful thriller from the producers of The Hand That Rocks the Cradle.


Key Cast:

  • Daryl Hannah: Leann Netherwood
  • Keith Carradine: John Netherwood
  • Vincent Spano: Russell Clifton
  • Moira Kelly: Dana Clifton
  • Julia Devin: Janie
  • Bruce A. Young: Gil Chandler
  • Cynda Williams: Lisa Marie Chandler
  • Ray Reinhardt: Sam Bennett
  • Barbara Tarbuck: Jean Bennett
  • Carmen Argenziano: Phil Hawkes
  • Jenny Gago: Maggie Hass
  • Ned Vaughn: Officer David Carrey
  • George Marshall Ruge: Detective Frank Mercer

Key Crew:

  • Director: Wesley Strick
  • Producers: David Madden, Patrick Markey, John Morrissey and Susan Zachary
  • Writer: Michael Auerbach
$5.7 million