Those Calloways (1965 Movie)

Those Calloways (1965 Movie)

Those Calloways Description:

In Disney’s Those Calloways, Cam Calloway is a man with a dream: to one day establish a sanctuary for the geese that fly overhead during their long migration. Unfortunately, Cam lacks the money to buy the necessary property, until his son Buck embarks on a project that will guarantee success, unaware that greedy hunters are manipulating the Calloway family for their own selfish gains.

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Key Cast Members:

  • Brian Keith: Cam Calloway
  • Vera Miles: Liddy Calloway
  • Brandon de Wilde: Bucky Calloway
  • Walter Brennan: Alf Simes
  • Ed Wynn: Ed Parker
  • Linda Evans: Bridie Mellott
  • Philip Abbott: Dell Fraser
  • John Larkin: Jim Mellott
  • Parley Baer: Doane Shattuck
  • Frank de Kova: Nigosh
  • Roy Roberts: E.J. Fletcher
  • John Qualen: Ernie Evans
  • Tom Skerritt: Whit Turner
  • Paul Hartman: Charley Evans
  • Russell Collins: Nat Perkins
  • John Davis Chandler: Ollie Gibbons
  • Chet Stratton: Phil Petrie
  • Renee Godfrey: Sarah Mellott
$3.5 million
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