Toby Tyler (1960 Movie)

Toby Tyler (1960 Movie)

Toby Tyler Description:

In Disney’s classic film Toby Tyler, Kevin Corcoran stars as the lovable, determined runaway who believes his uncle and aunt no longer want him, and life under the Big Top will put things right. Along the way he meets Ben, Mr. Tupper, and the mischievous Mr. Stubbs – a playful chimpanzee.

Key Cast Members:

  • Toby: Kevin Corcoran
  • Harry Tupper: Bob Sweeney
  • Sam Treat: Gene Sheldon
  • Ben Cotter: Henry Calvin
  • Colonel Sam Castle: Richard Eastham
  • Jim Weaver: James Drury
  • Mademoiselle Jeanette: Barbara Beaird
  • Monsieur Ajax: Dennis Olivieri
  • Aunt Olive: Edith Evanson
  • Uncle Daniel: Tom Fadden

Key Crew Members:

  • Director: Charles Barton
  • Producer: Bill Walsh
  • Writers: Lillie Hayward and Bill Walsh
$3.1 million
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