Tom And Huck (1995 Movie)

Tom And Huck (1995 Movie)

Tom And Huck Description

Tom and his rebellious friend Huck witness a midnight killing. They swear not to reveal what they saw – but that causes a real problem. If Tom doesn’t speak up, an innocent friend may be hanged. But if he does tell the truth, the real killer, knife-throwing Injun Joe, will come after him!

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Key Cast Members:

  • Jonathan Taylor Thomas: Tom Sawyer
  • Brad Renfro: Huck Finn
  • Eric Schweig: Injun Joe
  • Charles Rocket: Judge Thatcher
  • Amy Wright: Aunt Polly
  • Mike McShane: Muff Potter
  • Marian Seldes: Widow Douglas
  • Rachael Leigh Cook: Becky Thatcher
  • Courtland Mead: Cousin Sid
  • Joey Stinson: Joe Harper
  • Blake Heron: Ben Rodgers
  • Lanny Flaherty: Emmett: Injun Joe’s accomplice.
  • Peter MacKenzie: Mr. Sneed
  • Heath Lamberts: Mr. Dobbins
  • Rami Malek: Kester Moorhouse
  • William Newman: Doctor Jonas Robinson
  • Andy Stahl: Sheriff
  • Bronwen Murray: Cousin Mary
$23.9 million
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