Tonka (1958 Movie)

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Tonka (1958 Movie)

Tonka Description:

White Bull is a young Indian brave who captures and tames a wild stallion and names him Tonka. But when White Bull’s cruel cousin claims the stallion for his own and mistreats the horse, White Bull sets it free. Tonka finally finds a home with Capt. Keogh and the 7th Calvary, and in 1876, rides into The Battle Of The Little Big Horn with General Armstrong Custer.

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Key Cast Members:

  • Sal Mineo: White Bull
  • Philip Carey: Captain Myles Keogh
  • Jerome Courtland: Lieutenant Henry Nowlan
  • Rafael Campos: Strong Bear
  • H.M. Wynant: Yellow Bear
  • Joy Page: Prairie Flower
  • Britt Lomond: General George Custer
  • Herbert Rudley: Captain Frederick Benteen
  • Sydney Smith: General Alfred Terry
  • John War Eagle: Chief Sitting Bull
  • Gregg Martell: Corporal Korn
  • Slim Pickens: Ace
  • Robert “Buzz” Henry: Lieutenant Crittenden
  • Eddie Little Sky: Spotted Tail

Director: Lewis Foster
Producer: James Pratt
Writer: David Appel, Lewis Foster and Lillie Hayward
Music: Oliver Wallace

$2.5 million