Tough Guys (Touchstone Movie)

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Tough Guys (Touchstone Movie)

Tough Guys Description:

Set free after 30 years in prison, a pair of train robbers adjusts to life on the outside. But when the real world proves more than they bargained for, they start planning their biggest heist ever!

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  • Burt Lancaster: Harry Doyle
  • Kirk Douglas: Archie Long
  • Charles Durning: Deke Yablonski
  • Alexis Smith: Belle
  • Dana Carvey: Richie Evans
  • Darlanne Fluegel: Skye
  • Eli Wallach: Leon B. Little
  • Monty Ash: Vince
  • Billy Barty: Philly
  • Simmy Bow: Schultz
  • Darlene Conley: Gladys Ripps
  • Nathan Davis: Jimmy Ellis
  • Grant Aleksander: Bartender


  • Director: Jeff Kanew
  • Producer: Joe Wizan
  • Writers: James Cruikshank and James Orr
$21.45 million

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