Treasure Island (1950 Movie)

Treasure Island (1950 Movie)

Treasure Island Synopsis:

Ahoy, mateys! Walt Disney’s first live action feature, Treasure Island, vividly brings to life Robert Louis Stevenson’s timeless tale of buccaneers and buried gold. Authentic locales, rich color photography, and musket-roaring action set the stage for the stouthearted heroics of young Jim Hawkins and the skullduggery of the wily, one-legged pirate Long John Silver.

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Fun Facts and Statistics:

  • This film was Disney’s first full live-action film.

  • The movie was re-released once in 1975.

Key Cast Members:

  • Bobby Driscoll: Jim Hawkins
  • Robert Newton: Long John Silver
  • Basil Sydney: Captain Smollett
  • Walter Fitzgerald: Squire Trelawney
  • Denis O’Dea: Dr. Livesey
  • Finlay Currie: Capt. Billy Bones
  • Ralph Truman: George Merry
  • Geoffrey Keen: Israel Hands
  • Geoffrey Wilkinson: Ben Gunn
  • John Laurie: Blind Pew
  • Francis de Wolff: Black Dog
  • David Davies: Mr. Arrow
  • John Gregson: Redruth
  • Andrew Blackett: Gray
  • William Devlin: Morgan
  • Howard Douglas: Williams
  • Harry Locke: Haggott
  • Sam Kydd: Cady
  • Stephen Jack: Job
  • Harold Jamieson: Scully
  • Diarmuid Kelly: Bolen
  • Patrick Troughton: Roach
  • Director: Byron Haskin
  • Producers: Walt Disney and Perce Pearce
  • Writer: Lawrence Edward Watkin
  • Music: Clifton Parker
$4 million
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