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Tuck Everlasting (2002 Movie)

Last Updated on: June 7th, 2022

Here is everything you need to know about the amazing Disney movie Tuck Everlasting including casting, reviews, fun facts and more. I hope you find this listing informative and helpful!

Tuck Everlasting (2002 Movie)

Tuck Everlasting Description

In Disney’s Tuck Everlasting, young Winnie Foster, stifled by the formality of her proper life and domineering mother, escapes into the woods only to get lost. Soon she happens upon Jesse Tuck – a boy full of life and adventure who’s unlike anyone she’s ever met – and falls in love. The Tucks, a kind and generous family, have a powerful secret – a spring that holds the magic of everlasting life. And now Winnie must choose to live life as she knows it or drink from the spring.

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Key Cast Members:

  • Alexis Bledel: Winnie Foster
  • Jonathan Jackson: Jesse Tuck
  • Ben Kingsley: The Man in the Yellow Suit
  • William Hurt: Angus Tuck
  • Sissy Spacek: Mae Tuck
  • Scott Bairstow: Miles Tuck
  • Amy Irving: Mrs. Foster
  • Victor Garber: Robert Foster
  • Julia Hart: Sally Hannaway
  • Naomi Kline: Beatrice Ruston
  • Robert Luis: Night Deputy
  • Elisabeth Shue: Narrator
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