Two Much (Touchstone Movie)

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Two Much (Touchstone Movie)

Two Much Details:

Handsome Antonio Banderas (SPY KIDS I&II) joins seductive stars Melanie Griffith (NOBODY’S FOOL) and Daryl Hannah (GRUMPY OLD MEN) in this sexy screwball comedy! Art Dodge (Banderas) would like to break off his engagement with his fiancee Betty (Griffith) … only her mob boss ex-husband makes it impossible for him to say no to the wedding! It’s then that Art unexpectedly falls in love with Betty’s beautiful sister (Hannah) and becomes entangled in an outrageous charade — he invents his own twin bother so he can date both women at once! The laughs come fast and furious as Art’s delirious double life spins hilariously out of control! (source)

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